Why is StairBiz the #1 choice?

  • Integrated
  • Flexible
  • Adaptable
  • Fast and Accurate
  • Easy to Learn
  • Networkable
  • Suitable for all sizes

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Outstanding Support

The StairBiz team is at your service. You can call any of us directly at any time – we pride ourselves in being available.

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What our clients say

Following are just some of our testimonials. They are written by owners of businesses who are fully paid users of StairBiz.

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Want a demo?

Click here to download a fully functional demo copy of StairBiz. Take your time. Check it out. Ask questions. Or, call to setup an online demo and we'll guide you through it!

Who are we?

When you make a major software purchase, the credentials of the developer company is an important consideration. You need to know who you’re dealing with. We’re proud of this aspect of our organisation, so we’ll give it to you up front:

StairBiz has been developed by StairBiz Software Pty Ltd (incorporated in Australia). We started as a stair manufacturing company in 1981 (29 years ago) and moved into stair software seriously in 1993 (17 years ago). We first entered the North American market in 2002 (8 years ago).

John Dibley was a founding director and has been the managing director ever since (27 years). He has headed up the European office in Rome for the past eight years. He and Darrin Howell (from our Seattle office) head our software development team.

In summary, we have been around a lot of years, we are financially and structurally solid, and we have a very strong lineage in this industry. More so than any in this business.

What does StairBiz do?

StairBiz is a comprehensive staircase manufacturing business solution. It helps your business be more productive, more competitive and more profitable. It allows you less stress and more free time to do the things in life that you might rather be doing.

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How much does it cost?

View our pricing or purchase licenses here.